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A Static Caravan usually consists of a metal chassis on two or four wheels a wooden floor and frame, aluminum outer cladding hardboard/paperboard inner walls and ceiling with varying levels of insulation, glazing and furnishing/fittings depending on where it comes in the manufacture's range from very basic to fully winterized top of the range caravan.

Static Caravans should not be confused with Mobile Homes/Park Homes although these may look very similar the construction is quiet different Mobile Homes are designed for residential use and will normally increase or keep their price depending on the housing market. Whereas most Static Caravan manufactures will tell you their product is designed for holiday use only, not residential and they will normally depreciate in value although I understand on some selected sites this is not the case perhaps our members can keep us informed on this.

Do not make a mistake and purchase a caravan before you have chosen a park. People have done this in the past and found they have been unable to find a park to put the caravan on they have just purchased. Most parks will only allow caravans on that have been purchased direct from them or from a dealer/agent they have an arrangement with.

New or second-hand

Most parks will be able to get you any make of new caravan if they have a pitch to put it on. Obviously the amount of money to spend would be a big factor in this matter. You will have to decide on the size of caravan to suit your needs, for example one, two or three bedrooms. Will it be used for your own private use or do you intend to let it. If you intend letting your caravan you will be able charge a premium rate if you have a top of the range caravan with a large number of berths.

Treat buying a static caravan in the same context as buying a car, it will depreciate in value. You should get a good deal if you put it in part exchange for a newer one, but be prepared for a shock, if you want to sell it outright you will do very well if you get better than trade price.

We suggest you look round some of the larger dealers to get an idea of the style of caravan which will suit your needs the best. When you have got some idea, go to the park of your choice and have a chat to the manager, they may have something available to suit you. If not, they will tell you of any dealers that he has arrangements with, for you to check what they have to offer. Lookout for Static Caravan Shows especially around September/October time when all the manufactures show off their new models for the following year. We will try to keep you informed of any coming events.

You may find a caravan to suit you from a private seller, you can get some very good bargains especially if someone is after a quick sale, but be careful. Is it free from HP, do they have permission to sell it on that Park (you may buy a caravan and find you have to move it off the Park). Have all bills being paid up to date eg. gas, electric, site fees, always check with the Park owner/manager before any purchase.

Do not be surprised if you see an identical caravan priced differently on different parks, this is quite normal for more facilities or a popular area will demand a high premium. On some larger parks you may find you have to pay a higher premium on certain areas of that park. ask for a breakdown of what you are paying for, price of caravan, site fees, pitch premium, transport, siting and connection fees.

Make sure the caravan that you are buying is suitable for the park you are putting it on, for example it is no good buying a caravan that is 14 foot wide and the entrance to the park only 12 foot wide. It may be you would like a caravan that is fully equipped with electric e.g. electric cooker and fire but this would be no good if the park only had a 10 amp electric supply.

For more information on buying caravans please see headings buying  new or buying used.

Choosing the right pitch.

Choosing the right pitch can be very important especially on larger parks. This is very much down to the individual, you may want to be tucked away in a quiet corner, close to all the facilities in the park or near the play area for the children. What about the sun, is it in a nice sunny position or do you prefer a shaded area. If you see an area on the park you think would suit you better but no pitches are vacant, ask if it would be possible to move if one became vacant and at what cost.

Choosing The Right Caravan