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Caravan Insurance

Now you have purchased your static caravan, it is important to get it insured. Does the park you are on have a block policy with an insurance company, this is often a very competitive deal. If you signed an agreement when you joined the park, did it state you had to take out their insurance. Read the policy very carefully, if you are in a high risk area for floods or gales, does it state it will not cover these risks or you may have to take special precautions. Remember, cheapest is not always the best. You will need to inform the insurance company if you intend letting your caravan, this could mean increased premiums.


1, Workout the maximum distance you want to travel.

2, Choose the area you would like within that distance.

3, Find a caravan park in that area that would suit your needs.

4, As well as all the good points of the park what are the bad points.

5, Find out what the full annual charges are including tax and rates.

6, Obtain a copy of the dreaded park rules, will these affect you.

7, What charges will there be above the caravan price for :- connection, siting, plumbing, gas test etc.

8, Pick the caravan of your dreams.

9, Make sure it is sited on the correct part of the park to suit you.

10, Now relax and enjoy your holidays.

It is a big step buying a static caravan, if you get it right as we did, it can be very enjoyable. But if you get it wrong, it can be a complete disaster and very expensive. So please take your time, donít be rushed into any rash decision. If you have not stayed in a static caravan before, why not rent one for a weekend. Better still, rent one on the park of your choice if they have any hire vans, we did - it worked for us.